“Luca Fury is recognized as the number one MMA handicapper” – Fighters Only Magazine

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You only need to bet $7.96 per unit in order to profit after subtracting the membership cost. That fits anyone’s budget! For reference, a $100 bettor is up over $10,000 tailing my plays, and that’s also after subtracting the membership cost!

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I could not be happier with the results from my FurysFightPicks premium membership. Luca only charges $35 per event, which is the cheapest out there, and his results are nothing short of spectacular. Luca provides detailed explanations and breakdowns of all his bets, as well as every fight on every UFC card. I am still a betting novice and Luca has taken the time to answer all of my questions & explain things in detail. He is never too busy or blows me off. This easy access to Luca’s incredible betting knowledge has saved me a lot of money &...Continue reading
“His results are nothing short of spectacular”
Objective views, an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport along with a documented record of success has made Luca Fury a terrific resource for MMA gambling, if not the very best.  Not only are recommended bets provided but also explanations and break downs of each match up.  These break downs help newer fight fans and rookie gamblers build their own base of knowledge, which I can personally speak to the value of
“Luca Fury is a terrific resource for MMA gambling”
Luca is fascinating source of information. The dude is on point when it comes to fighter analysis, fight breakdown and his betting history speaks for itself. Luca is the top MMA handicapper and longterm I have profited many times over my premium fee; it’s all about ROI. As I tell people on twitter, its not a sprint but a marathon. I can say I have always made my premium fee back in no time and made enough money to go and lose on other sports that Luca doesn’t cover.
“Longterm I have profited many times over my premium fee”